It’s become difficult to travel during the COVID19 pandemic. Travel restrictions are continuously changing. The rules and regulations practiced are now stricter than ever. Basically all travellers must have a Covid19 border entry test to be eligible for travel. This test determines whether you are infected with Covid19 or not. COVID19 border entry test near me

COVID19 Border Entry Test

COVID19 travel advice and flight restrictions

Everyone must follow the NHS standard operating procedure (SOPs), during this global pandemic. However it is also essential to have a COVID19 Test & Fit Fly Certificate near me, through Customs and Immigration at an airport. To ensure you’re fit to fly, is offering an in-clinic PCR- Covid19 test. The list of destinations changes everyday so you should check with your airline so please checks before flying as cannot take responsibility for checking requirements. 

Find your nearest Covid19 test clinic in London

Our clinic is conveniently located at 2B  Kings Cross Rd, London WC1X 9QA in London Zone1 (nearest tube station is Kings Cross Station). Our COVID19 test clinic near me is open everyday, from 8am – 8pm (7 days a week) by appointment only.

COVID19 Test Booking

You can easily book an appointment online or call our 24hr booking line 020-8133-9633. The date and time will be confirmed by email. The PCR saliva tests cost £175, including certificates, and is valid worldwide except UAE but please check with your airline. You don’t need to pay in advance and there are no charges for cancellation. If you already have Covid19 symptoms, you will be denied access to our testing clinic.

Accurate results in 48hrs

Receive your Covid19 test results in 2 days. We conduct your test at the clinic to ensure a fast turnaround time and an accurate result. If your COVID19 Test & Fit Fly Certificate near me  for International Travel is positive, you need to cancel your travel immediately, isolate at home and contact your nearest health facility. If your test is negative, you can continue your travel following the SOPs to avoid getting infected during this global pandemic.

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Our COVID19 test clinic near me has worked throughout lockdown and therefore has been actively working on safety and improvements every day. Our staff are well-trained to provide easy access to testing services in confidence. Please read our faqs and our privacy policy. The results of the test are known within 48 hours.